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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Golden Globes - Did you see your future prom dress?

The Golden Globes red carpet walk is where the stars really shine. More focus is put on celebrities while they walk the red carpet than the award ceremony itself. And while all celebrities dress "to the nines" for this special occasion, not all pulled off a great look. We will look at the best dressed women at the Golden Globes and how you can get the same look for less.Perhaps your next prom dress or evening gown is lurking below.

Hayden Panettiere
"Nashville's" leading lady was pretty in pink wearing a ruched Roberto Cavalli gown. She looked fabulous in this sweetheart mermaid gown in light pink adorned with just the right amount of bling to not overshine her natural beauty. She chose to wear her hair down, which seems to be the trend this year and added a bright pink clutch because accesories are important.

We think you can improve upon Hayden's look with the style 340 by Johnathan Kayne. You will make everyone speechless in a breathtaking hand beaded chiffon gown. The neckline is covered in A/B crystals that scatter down the length of this gown.
The romantic laser cut organza petals & ostrich feathers add a romantic demension to the hemline. Add a silver handbag and some low heel silver sandals to finish off this look.

Tina Fey
She had a big night ahead of her as co-host of the ceremony but Tina Fey took time out beforehand to show off her tea-length L’Wren Scott gown with black Chantilly lace embroidery when she walked the red carpet. The “30 Rock” star rounded out her retro look with long locks, Ferragamo black pumps, and a Roger Vivier clutch. And while we love the new trend of lace over fabric, we think the following would have made a much better ensemble for her red carpet appearance.

We think this Beautiful and elegant black/nude Mermaid Cocktail Dress featuring a Sweetheart neckline would have really made Tina shine on the red carpet. This dress is made BG Haute who have designed several red carpet styles. We also love Cannes by Sizzle lace over satin wrapped platform and fashion-forward roomy round toe to go perfectly with this dress and of course there is a matching clutch just to add a little accent to this fashion statement.
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez looked amazing in her own version of the lace over fabric trend.
J-Lo proved once again that she certainly isn't shy when it comes to red carpet attention. She wore a nude-and-lace long-sleeve Zuhair Murad gown paired with a side-swept hair-do. You cannot improve upon perfection but we think J-Lo could benefit from wearing something a little different since she seems to bring a similar look to every red carpet.

So we found this dress which we think would be an incredible look for Jennifer. This matte jersey plunging halter gown adorned with hand beaded large A/B and clear rhinestone appliques around the neckline and waistline is part of the Johnathan Kayne spring 2013 Prom Dress collection. The neckline would compliment any woman and the comfortable look of this dress makes it a natural match for Jennifer and her demeanor. Match this dress with this matching hand bag and shoes for a complete "red carpet" stunner.
check out Cyndi by Touch Ups. This is a 4 inch heel with a peep toe and platform featuring embedded crystals and the handbag is perfectly designed to match these shoes also designed by the Touch Ups people.

Sophia Vergara
We would expect nothing less from Sophia for her red carpet appearnce than something featuring a lot of bling. Sophia wore a sweetheart full length gown embedded with sequin and crystals. We think every girl should shine like this. But we also think black maybe a little overdone at this point.

We love this dress by Johnathan Kayne in royal blue. This is tyle 321 from Johnathan Kayne's spring 2013 collection. Get your glam on in this solid beaded and crystal sweetheart bodice gown. The slightly scooping cut out sides enhance the low back while the reversible sequin skirt adds a fun aspect to this unique design.
Finish off this look with this handbag and matching shoes.

The shoes are Bev by Touch Ups which feature embedded turquoise sequins on a 4 inch platform with an open toe and ankle strap. The handbag is designed by Touch Ups as well to be the perfect match for these shoes.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Light Up The Night Like Gaga and Perry

Katy Perry may have started a huge trend back in 2010 when she adorned herself and stunned everyone else by wearing a light up dress. Of course, the objective of the red carpet walk is to outshine everyone else. Katy definitely outshined with the help of an LED embedded dress. Since that night, other celebrities have adorned themselves in LED light up dresses.
Rihanna has worn what looks like a full length gown with embedded lights during a concert and of course, no one wears anything quite like Lady Ga Ga.

And while you may not have a personal designer to create your own custom dress complete with LED embedded goodness, we have found some very affordable light up dresses so you can "light it up" at your next special occasion.
Johnathan Kayne from Project Runway All Stars and Project Runway season 3 has designed dresses for many celebrities including Miss Universe contestant, Tara Connor and several Miss America contestants such as Taylor Treat in 2009, Emoly West in 2010 and Betty Thompson in 2011. Johnathan also worked very closely with the Oklahoma City Thunder girls on the design of their costumes back in 2011.
Johnathan has been seen on E!, ABC, NBC, Bravo and Lifetime channels. Johnathan's mission is to create an exciting, fashion forward brand that attracts women seeking innovation and quality. With that being said, it just stands to reason that Johnathan would design dresses that merge fashion with technology. Johnthan Kayne has desinged several affordable dresses which include the LED fashion statement.
Sweetheart strapless cocktail dress with solid beading, large A/B crystals, and light wire. The light wire flashes fast, slow, and stays on and is powered by a AA battery power pack tucked away in the pocket of the taffeta and organza ruffle skirt. This dress is available in the Lime Green shown in the picture as well as aqua or hot pink.

Style 314
Be just like Gaga and Miss Perry with this innovative LED light-up dress. A taffeta strapless mini with removeable organza skirt flashes neon lights and has four different settings.

Style 317
A reversible sequin strapless mini with removeable organza ruffle skirt flashes neon lights & has four different settings.
 Johnathan Kayne also designs women's shoes with the same flair used to design his dresses. So if you're looking to light up the night with one of these dresses, you might as well get a pair of shoes designed to match your light up dress. My Shoe Connection has the entire collection of dresses with the LED as well all of Johnathan's spring 2013 Prom Dresses. All of the dresses feature a matching shoe from his shoe collection.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Helen's Heart Boots for your Next Special Occasion

Helen's Heart Pink Bling Boots
Long before Lauren Alaina performed on American Idol wearing the pink bling boots from Helen's Heart, these boots were causing a buzz. After Lauren's performance, a lot of eyebrows were raised and the number one question was "Where did she get those boots?". Well, since season 10 of American Idol, these boots have been a major fashion statement. The bling boot comes in a variety of colors to match every outfit. These boots have been worn with everything from a pair of jeans to a wedding dress.

White Bling BootYes, they do come in white and many brides have walked down the aisle in these beautiful works of art.
These boots have been sought after at a heavy pace by names like Jennifer Lopez and Trisha Yearwood.
Wearing a cowboy boot with a dress is not a new fashion trend. But it was mostly a trend in the midwest. Well look out east coasters because the trend of wearing a skirt with cowgirl boots is headed your way. And now there's a new twist.

Helens Heart LB-0290-12 in blackThanks to the designers at Helen's Heart, there is not just one style of bling boot, but several. With the ever growing popularity of the bling boot, they have designed two new styles. The original style has been updated with more "bling" and some new colors have been added. The most popular color has always been the black, but they have added some great new colors and updated the look of the old colors. This boot is available in black, blue, bronze, fuchsia, gold, grey, pink, red, silver, turquoise and white. Check out all the colors for the bling boots here.

And now there is also a short cut bling boot as well. The short bling boot comes in a variety of colors as well. You can be guaranteed that you will not have an outfit or ensemble that will clash with the Helen's Heart Boot collection. This boots is avaiilable in pink, black, blue, bronze, fuchsia, gold, grey, red, silver, white and turquoise. These boots were made for style! You don't have to be a country star to wear cowboy boots but you may just be mistaken for one when you wear these boots to your next special occasion such as a night out or prom night. You can see all of the new styles and colors at My Shoe Connection who will not only hook you up with some great bling boots, but now offers Prom Dresses, cocktail dresses and many other special occasion dresses. You can pair up these boots with a cocktail dress all in one place and enjoy free shipping and great customer service.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dyeable Shoes - The Answer To Your Shoe Dilemma

How many times have you gone shopping for shoes only to come home empty-handed. Sometimes, it just seems that you cannot find your shoe in the right color. You find a great looking shoe, but the color is all wrong. When it comes to shoes, an easy and inexpensive solution to this dilemma is dyeing. You can get the look you want simply by selecting a pair of dyeable shoes and designing them to fit any mood, occasion, or outfit. Whether you wear them as casual shoes, dress shoes, or sport them only on the most special of occasions, dyed shoes can perfectly complete your outfit.

Jinni by Touch Ups
Dyeable shoes come in a variety of style and fabric choices that are surprisingly unlimited. Begin by selecting shoes that are specifically manufactured with the intention of being dyed. Many shoes are made from fabrics that will repel rather than absorb water and therefore, dye. Some shoes are also treated with a scotch guard that will protect the shoe from becoming soiled, but it will also prevent the shoe from dyeing properly. Look for manufacturers like Coloriffics, Dyeables, Touch Ups, or Colorful Creations, who specialize in dyeable shoes. Many designer brands have a dyeable shoe collection. These shoes are made in dyeable fabrics like satin, silk satin, crepe, and boca. In addition to being available in a variety of fabrics, dyeable shoes are also available with a variety of detail from embroidery to beading, rhinestones, ribbons, or vinyl. Shop for shoes that are made to be dyed, look for the fabric that has the texture you want, and be charmed by the details.

Cyndi by touch ups
Cyndi by Touch Ups
Choose the fabrics and styles that appeal to you and are most suitable for your occasions. Whether you prefer sandals, tennis shoes, Mary Janes, platform shoes, or high heels, the style you want is available in a dyeable fabric today. After you’ve completed your search for the perfect prom dress, bridesmaid dresses, or bridal gown, the next challenge you face is finding the right shoes. For these occasions, you will probably want to select a formal dyeable shoe style.

Once you have selected your dyeable shoes, you can purchase a fabric shoe dye kit and carefully follow the kit’s instructions to do it yourself. A swatch of your shoe’s fabric can be dyed as a test to make sure you get the desired result. However, because achieving a color that is precisely right can be tricky, choosing to have your shoes dyed professionally is also an option you should consider. When purchasing dyeable shoes, inquire about in-store dying services. Additionally, most shoe repair stores will provide a dyeing service. Expect the price of having your shoes dyed professionally to vary between five and twenty dollars.

Carefully consider your color choices. In addition to the store’s light or natural light, make sure to examine colors in the light which you will be wearing your shoes. Choose a color that will closely match your outfit or you can choose a color that will complement your outfit in other ways. While it is the most obvious option, don’t feel like you have to get your shoes dyed the same color as your dress. For example, you could be a bit creative, and yet stay a bit more neutral, by choosing a silver dye to compliment a blue dress.

Check out My Shoe Connection and Prom Shoes for great shoes at great prices. You can also find dyeable handbags that you can easily dye to match your shoes.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get The Christian Loubitin look for less

When you see a woman walking down the street and notice that the soles of her shoes are red, what is your first thought? Well, for most women, the first thing that pops into their mind is Loubitin. Of course, Christian Loubitin shoe designs are best known for their red soles.

Now, when you see this woman walk into your office or shop, you are going to assume a few things.
1. She must come from or make a lot of money
2. She has great fashion sense
3. She might be an important person or even a celebrity who deserves maybe a little more respect than the average person.

Why? Because Christian Loubitin shoes are very expensive and very stylish. And while Christian Loubitin may design great shoes, these designs are not for everybody. The price tag on most of these designs is above our budget for even the most special of occasions.

black ladies bootie with zippered
side 4" heel on 1 inch platform
But, there is an alternative! One thing to know about Loubitin shoes is that the label is not on the outside of the shoe, so if you wear an amazing looking shoe that just happens to have red soles, people may make the same assumptions about you that I referred to previously. And the best part is the price tag. You can look like a million bucks and spend less than 60.00 on your shoes.

These shoes(style FS-88396 ), designed by Helen's Heart, sell for only 56.95 at My Shoe Connection and can be worn with just about everything. The black and white leopard print adds a splash of "wild" while the four inch heel on a 3/4 inch platform says "classy". Wear them with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or show off your legs in a little black dress. Because they are black and white, they can match just about any outfit. And if you were wondering if they have any other colors, they also come in a brown/bronze.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is Vanessa Hudgens the Next Britney Spears?

Vanessa Hudgens

According to wikipedia, Vanessa Hudgens is an American actress and singer. She made her debut in 2003 appearing in the Hollywood films Thirteen and Thunderbirds, before reaching fame in 2006 after appearing as Gabriella Montez in the Disney Channel film High School Musical hit series.

In the past 5 years this young actress/singer has already been involved in a naked picture scandal and many headlines in the newpapers.

Her latest stories involve Tom Cruise as her mentor and an attack where her face was scratched.

Has Britney Spears has been the epitome of crazy young female stars in Hollywood.

Compare for yourself and decide. Is there a link between Disney and sanity(or lack there of)? Look to the past stars that have come from Disney fame. Britney, Christina, and now Vanessa.

While I will admit that this young star is very beautiful, I think society gives these young stars Paris By Jonathan Kayneway too much credibility and tries to turn them into adults way too fast. Let the kids be kids, even in Hollywood. Oh, and I would have recommnded these shoes for this dress.