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Friday, January 11, 2013

Light Up The Night Like Gaga and Perry

Katy Perry may have started a huge trend back in 2010 when she adorned herself and stunned everyone else by wearing a light up dress. Of course, the objective of the red carpet walk is to outshine everyone else. Katy definitely outshined with the help of an LED embedded dress. Since that night, other celebrities have adorned themselves in LED light up dresses.
Rihanna has worn what looks like a full length gown with embedded lights during a concert and of course, no one wears anything quite like Lady Ga Ga.

And while you may not have a personal designer to create your own custom dress complete with LED embedded goodness, we have found some very affordable light up dresses so you can "light it up" at your next special occasion.
Johnathan Kayne from Project Runway All Stars and Project Runway season 3 has designed dresses for many celebrities including Miss Universe contestant, Tara Connor and several Miss America contestants such as Taylor Treat in 2009, Emoly West in 2010 and Betty Thompson in 2011. Johnathan also worked very closely with the Oklahoma City Thunder girls on the design of their costumes back in 2011.
Johnathan has been seen on E!, ABC, NBC, Bravo and Lifetime channels. Johnathan's mission is to create an exciting, fashion forward brand that attracts women seeking innovation and quality. With that being said, it just stands to reason that Johnathan would design dresses that merge fashion with technology. Johnthan Kayne has desinged several affordable dresses which include the LED fashion statement.
Sweetheart strapless cocktail dress with solid beading, large A/B crystals, and light wire. The light wire flashes fast, slow, and stays on and is powered by a AA battery power pack tucked away in the pocket of the taffeta and organza ruffle skirt. This dress is available in the Lime Green shown in the picture as well as aqua or hot pink.

Style 314
Be just like Gaga and Miss Perry with this innovative LED light-up dress. A taffeta strapless mini with removeable organza skirt flashes neon lights and has four different settings.

Style 317
A reversible sequin strapless mini with removeable organza ruffle skirt flashes neon lights & has four different settings.
 Johnathan Kayne also designs women's shoes with the same flair used to design his dresses. So if you're looking to light up the night with one of these dresses, you might as well get a pair of shoes designed to match your light up dress. My Shoe Connection has the entire collection of dresses with the LED as well all of Johnathan's spring 2013 Prom Dresses. All of the dresses feature a matching shoe from his shoe collection.

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